Tuesday, October 19, 2010

feeling blue,....not pink

I'm feeling blue today, not my usual perky pink. This blog was supposed to be about optimism and starting over, but I don't feel that way today. I feel sad, mad, angry, upset, rattled, fuzzy minded, and NOT Optimistic! I guess there are days like that, but that is not how this was supposed to satrt! Thus was supposed to start on a great, happy let's go down the path of our dreams lane! I guess rite now there is a big orange sign saying that there is road construction, and I have to take a detour.

Detours...I guess life is all about detours. I guess all a detour is, is a longer way to gt to your destination, Maybe as you take that detour, you will see something so wonderful, it will make the detour worthwhile, or you will get such a wonderful omen along the way that you know that you are definitely headed in the right direction.

I took one of those detours today. Amidst all the things I was doing in my mad/sad/angry/upset fog (including a much needed gel fill on my nail, which did make me happy thanx to my wonderful nail tech Thai!) I had to make a detour to buy cat food (I never said detours had to be big!) While I was at lunch, a lovely lady asked me if I had participated in the SGK 3-day 2 weekends ago. When I said yes, she got so excited, thanked me for doing it, and started showing pics from when she did it 2 years ago. We laughed and cried together, showed each other pictures, and talked about how she was going to live overseas for the next few years. she wants to participate in SKG while she is there. I told her "you have to make it happen" Maybe that is her personal legend! Meeting her may my day brighter, and i felt optimistic about her future!

My cousin wrote on my FB wall that she views me as the very optomistic on of the 9 cousins! ME? Maybe I just need to take a new look at myself! Maybe my job is to make other people feel optomistic! I don;t know...maybe I just need to go to sleep and reevaluat tomorrow!

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